REVIEW: Godzilla in Hell #3

Written by Ulises Farinas & Erick Frietas, art by Buster Moody, published by IDW

Godzilla gives as many shits as a constipated Scotsman.

This is a virtually silent comic about Godziila beating up Space Godzilla, going to Heaven, beating up fairies (they’re actually butterfly winged angels but the camera stays at Godzilla’s scale, so fairies), going to hell beating up…you get the idea. ‘Zilla’s version of a handshake is a headbutt closely followed by atomic breath.

Buster Moody goes on the cool name wall and despite the IDW watermark his art is at once highly detailed and suitably violent for this kyju’fest. If I had one quibble it’s that you don’t really get a sense that Godzilla is this enormous lizard-ine, shit-kicker he is as everything is at his level.

This took two writers and I’m trying to figure out why. I get that this has nuances and structure to give the king of monsters some character but it’s literally Godzilla getting pushed into places then using flaming halitosis to get out of those places.

It’s good enough, with some fun bits and much monster mashing mayhem.

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