REVIEW: Godzilla Rage Across Time #1

(W) Jeremy Robinson, Matt Frank (A) Matt Frank (CA) Bob Eggleton
Published by IDW Publishing

Fucking big ministers! Ninjas! Samurai! All having a big fight! Godzilla seems to more a legendary creature from myth now, than nuclear accident and that’s just fine with me. The story is set in feudal Japan with some neat flashes forward to today. The characters are nicely crafted as a rival odd couple forced to work together to save Japan, they didn’t need deep back stories just some good characterization because as Michael Bay needs to learn, nobody came here for the humans.

The art is where it has to be, for most of it we get the monsters in some kind of perspective, with recognisable people or objects in the foreground for scale, in other words, shit looks HEWOGE! Godzilla looks like he can kick arse, the other monsters look nicely detailed the humans all look distinctive, if there’s a downside it’s that sometimes there’s as bit too much going on but to be honest it’s not as mess you mind looking at for a while and just going, ahhh monsters twatting seven bells out of each other.

You remember the classic Godzilla fight music? I had that playing in my head while reading this, so yeah, that good. 4.8/5

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