REVIEW: Godzilla Rulers of Earth #25

Authors: Chris Mowry and Matt Frank
Artists: Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow
Colorist: Priscilla Tramantano
Additional Inks: Mostafa Mousa
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Publisher: IDW

It’s interesting to begin reading a story at its climax. Some things are hard to understand and pick up on. Everything from this point forward is my best guess at what I read.

Literally all the monsters, mechanical and meaty, along with evil-space doppelganger bug versions of all the monsters ever face off in a war between earth’s finest and an alien commander king. The humans get in the way a lot. Trump cards are played on top of trump cards. One could not pack more Godzilla into a single comic if they tried. Regular Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla. Even ‘Zilla, the American Godzilla 1998 movie abomination, makes a debut. I recognized Kaiju from as far back as Godzilla Raids Again.

There’s not much to comment on as far as storytelling. There are monsters. They are fighting. If I had read more leading up to this point, I might have been more invested in the characters. Maybe. As it was, the human dialogue and the bickering aliens were more of a distraction from the dinosaur death match raging on through the majority of the panels.

The art in this title is perfect for a Godzilla comic. It’s heavily saturated in colors. The lines are bold and the detail is packed in. The only problem that I had with it was the composition of the scenes. Occasionally, it was hard to keep with what was happening, action-wise. But with a few dozen scaly beasts flailing about on a single page, I imagine that it is somewhat unavoidable. Also, the humans weren’t drawn as well as the monsters, but their “distraction-tier” relevance made me not really care that much about that.

All in all, it’s Godzilla. If you like Godzilla, buy it. Read it. If you don’t like Godzilla, get out. What in the hell is wrong with you?


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