REVIEW: Goners #2

Story By: Jacob Semahn
Art By: Jorge Corona
Cover By: Jorge Corona
Publisher: Image Comics

This series begins to kick things in high gear as the second issue gets well underway, after the traumatic deaths of their parents in the first issue, the two surviving children Zoe and Josiah find themselves in the battle of their lives against the terrors who are coming to kill them.

Semahn continues to build a wonderful back story to the plight of the children with glimpses into the future and the not so happy fates that these children will eventually meet, it’s quite a stark contrast to the story in the present as this issue continued with a very “Indiana Jones” or carefree adventure story attitude even though these children and their allies are attempting to fend off hellish creatures bent on their deaths.

My main issue with the book is still that I feel like I’ve seen it before, however, as Semahn continues to build this intriguing back story I am curious to see what the payoff is and where these glimpses of these children’s future will lead, it is enough of a hook to keep you coming back month after month and gives you a satisfying adventure story all at the same time. As this book is mainly an escape from the police station character development is kept to a minimum instead choosing to focus on what badasses McCarthy and Francis are as they fight to keep the children safe against the rising tide of ghouls, all in all the story is just plain fun.

Carona’s art again shines in this book, a couple of times I found myself chuckling at the facial expressions that he is able to put on his characters, his art style reminds me of a cross between Humberto Ramos and the Venture Bros. It is highly animated, almost cartoonish however; it provides a great juxtaposition for the flash forward scenes that are very grim and not what you would expect considering the rest of the book.

Goners second issue is once again a great fun book to read you can tell that the creative team are pouring their hearts and souls into it and having a great amount of fun creating this book. It will be interesting to see how things develop as this arc continues but for now it remains a great book to pick up at the end of a long day and just have some fun.

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