REVIEW: Goners #3

Goners issue 3 is really where the creative team have hit their stride with this book, this issue where we begin to see all the plot threads come together and Semahn really delivers on the story front showing us glimpse of what’s to come whilst also giving us some great character moments on the way.

Beginning with a scene that introduces a new character that will surely play a part in the Latimer children futures, the focus of this issue quickly switches to Zoe and Jesiah and whilst they have really been passengers in the story so far, being moved around by the supporting cast, this issue they take things into their own hands and start to attempt to make sense of the situation they have found themselves in. The character moments that Semahn focuses on during this book really warm the heart and allow our main characters personalities and flaws shine through, giving you the opportunity to see the strength of these characters and become truly invested in their current situation, coupled that with the shock ending and you will be begging for more by the time you finish reading this book, desperate to know just where this story will go next.

Carona’s art is a strong as ever in this issue, even though this issue has taken a darker turn his animated style continues to look absolutely stunning. The one thing that I wanted to touch upon from this issue is the fight scene choreography; Carona builds action scenes that have so much movement behind them that you can feel every punch that is landed and even without the aid of sound effects hear the thump of a characters feet whilst they are running in these scenes. Couple that with the emotion that is so prevalent in his art that really helps sell the quieter scenes in this book every page draws you further and further into the world of Goners.

Goners over these last 3 issues has never lost that sense of fun, even though the story continues to become darker you cannot help but enjoy yourself whilst reading the book. Now that the plot is slowly starting to be revealed you become more and more invested in the world of Goners and with the creative team hitting their aforementioned stride with the book makes this another fantastic book that everyone should try.

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