REVIEW: The Goon: Once Upon a Time Pt. 1

Story: Eric Powell
Art: Eric Powell
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: 2/4/2015

The Goon is back, and he’s madder than ever in Once Upon a Hard Time Pt. 1. The issue starts off with Goon kicking a** (as it should be) at a burlesque bar. He’s been played by a group named the Magpies, and he’s taking down anyone he guesses was involved. After polishing off their bar, he returns to Norton’s Pub to find a cast of familiar faces. The stress from whatever has just taken place is consuming him and he’s snapping on friend & foe alike. After calling a mob boss to advise him he will be skinning him alive to wear his flesh like a suit, Goon enlists the help of the local priest/witch doctor to help him track down the Magpies. The doctor informs him the group is protected by a woman who can turn herself, and the group into mist. He advises Goon he must find her in order to find the Magpies. The remainder of the issue follows Goon through his confrontation with the woman, while his friends try to figure out how to fix the rage he has fallen into.

This was a fantastic story for a classic character. This issue is accessible to new readers as well as longtime readers alike. The story doesn’t reveal just yet what’s caused The Goon to flip, but gives you enough to make you want to come back for the next story. My only complaint is that it’s never hinted at whether the basis for The Goon’s current rage was covered in a previous story, or will be provided in future issues.  The art style is simple and easy on the eyes. Classic Eric Powell.

Final Verdict: Eric Powell delivers another great chapter to the Goon saga. If you like big action and don’t mind a little violence in your comics, this is right up your alley.

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