REVIEW: Gotham Academy #15

Normally I would let a title like this pass me by. This is kid’s stuff! After all I’m a fully responsible and reasonable adult. I can drive a car, I pay my taxes, I stay up as late as I want… so why am I digging this issue? This IS kid’s stuff right? I’m new to the Gotham Academy title and while I may not know every character in the book there appears to be only one thing I need to know. This book is just high-energy fun. Period. It’s part Batman, part Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, and part Xavier’s school; all rolled into one giant ball. This is the kind of comic I wouldn’t think twice about handing to a kid. It’s colorful, well written, and did I mention fun? Fun. Fun. Fun.

The story is split into four separate segments that blend together. Each segment is handled by a different creative team, ala anthology style. One story focuses on a faculty party, another on a game of D&D that gets too real, and another that focuses on a school pet. The real star of this series is my introduction to the art of Adam Archer. This man’s work and style are perfect for a series like this. I can’t give enough praise to this artist. Nothing gets me more excited about a comic than reading a story featuring the artwork of someone new and talented. While Archer is not new to the industry he is new to me and I can’t wait to see what else this über talented guy is going to bring to the table at DC. His art is worth the price of admission only. This may be a book for kids, but it’s also a book for anyone who is still a kid at heart. High mark for this school.

Story: Brenden Fletcher, Zac Gorman, Eduardo Medeiros, Mingjue Helen Chen
Art: Adam Archer, Zac Gorman, Rafael Albuquerque, Mingjue Helen Chen
Colors: Adam Archer, Dave McCaig
Inks: Sandra Hope
Letters:Steve Wands
Published: DC

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