REVIEW: Gotham Academy #16

Gotham Academy #16
Yearbook: Written by Brendon Fletcher art by Adam Archer & Sandra Hope
Boring Sundays: Written & illustrated by Ken Nimura
Published by DC

I’m as surprised as you over that last line. There’s an oubliette somewhere in the depths of the DC offices and when they open its hatch to throw food down it the staff are blinded by the lightness and brevity that beams from the creative team they keep down there working on little gems like this. There’s two stories in this and they’re both a breath of fresh air in the gloom a doom of the current trends at DC. One charming story about a young ladies obsession with being Batman’s sidekick and the other is a cute story about friendship that doesn’t make you wretch.

The art and writing for the first story starts out a little busy and wordy but settles down and skips threw the rest of the story hand in hand to cross the line in a dead heat that would warm the cockles of the most jaded marathon spectator. The second story is no less saccharin but it narrowly avoids giving you diabetes by skillfully using the art to direct the mood and ends leaving wanting to find out more but not actually needing to. The character designs and personalities are distinct enough to stand out despite changing art and writing styles. There’s no continuity to worry about (at least not for this issues) and the premise, a school full of fun kids in Gotham, is simple enough it doesn’t need a…re-cap.

This will get cancelled before its ideal audience, young folk, can find it which is a shame as it’s pretty good.

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