REVIEW: Grand Passion #2


That would be the best word to use to describe this series from celebrated comic scribe James Robinson. This is a story about a bank heist gone wrong, a cop trying to do right, and the psychotic love story inside the mind of a criminal who has fallen for the man who is trying to bring her down. Yep, if that description doesn’t sell you on this quirky crime series then I can’t help you.

Well I guess I could add that this issue opens with our main female character rolling around in a bed, covered in cash, and masturbating to the memory of her dead boyfriend/accomplice. Maybe that would grab your interest. Again, if it doesn’t there is not much I can do to sell you on this series.

I forgot to mention the dirty police department that is trying to interfere with our other main character. Officer Macnamara is trying to figure out who killed a fellow officer during a bank robbery in issue one. The closer he gets to the truth the deeper he finds himself on the outside of his fellow officers who are actively working against him. The issue closes with the sheriff planning on killing the young investigator. So there’s that. Does that do anything for you?

What about a man getting stabbed in the crotch and then having his face pounded to mush with a rock? Does that do anything for you?

All kidding aside, Robinson and Feister have built a bizarre story of mystery and lust. For every page that seems to give the reader a straight forward plot there are two more pages giving you a curve. There is no way to guess what is going to happen next and that is ultimately the best-selling point of a title like this. This is a comic custom-built for fans of thrillers, heists, and everything not so nice.

Final Score: 4 Stars

Grand Passion #2
Story: James Robinson
Art: Tom Feister
Color: David Curiel
Letters: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Dynamite

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