Review: Graveyard Shift #2

Story: Jay Faerber
Art: Fran Bueno
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: Image comics

This week saw the release of Graveyard Shift #2 from the creative team of Jay Faerber & Fran Bueno. As the story picks back up, we find hope out of her mind as a vampire, and attacking Liam in a cemetery as other vampires look on. During the struggle, Liam notices Hope’s weakness in the presence of a cross. Using this to his advantage, He is able to corner and trap her in a mausoleum with a cross on the door. In the presence of all the religious symbols within the tomb, Liam is able to snap Hope out of her vampiric craze. As they wait out the night in fear of the remaining vampires in the cemetery, Liam explains to Hope all that has happened. When morning arrives, Liam finds a way to transport Hope to a safer location until they can figure out what to do. Liam is forced to leave Hope alone temporarily, as he attends to business matters. He returns to find Hope missing,and the issue closes out with us seeing Hope out for a vampire’s night on the town.

We don’t get much action in this issue, but Faerber does a good job of developing his characters this go round. As the story progresses, the characters begin to feel more real, and the reader can begin to see how big of a problem they face. Vampires are bad enough, but what about when your significant other is one? Fran Bueno’s art is good, but it’s the story that drives this issue.

Final Verdict: Who doesn’t like a good vampire story? There’s a lot out there to choose from, but this story has earned my attention at least through the first arc.

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