REVIEW: Grayson #17

(W) Tim Seeley, Tom King (A) Carmine Di (CA) Mikel Janin

I have a friend who wished Dick Grayson had really died after reading the first couple of issues of Grayson. I’m not quite so hostile towards this peculiar mess.

So the former Nightwing and his pal Agent 1 are on the lam, for some reason. Grifter goes after them, for some reason and Helena Bertanelli is brought up every five seconds, for some reason.

While the over arching story line is as clear as a landing strip in Gazza, the dialogue shines when it’s not pretending to be a serious spy thriller (ironic considering the creators pedigree) and the characters all feel for the most part individual, except Grifter, he’s a bit one-dimensional and Tao, the one whose a nice Chianti away from  a Hannibal Lecter cliché.

The anatomy is all lithe and spidery which really lends itself to the action sequences and finds enough restraint to allow the more expository moments to feel atmospheric enough. There’s backgrounds, the colours nice and…his name is a pain in the arse to type.

On the whole I cared about the characters more than the story. Grayson is actually a good enough character without his history and the chemistry between him and Agent 1 is pretty solid.

I’m still not really that bothered he didn’t die though.

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