REVIEW: Green Arrow #12

Oliver Queen is dead. . .or at least for the moment, only the Emerald Archer remains.  Luckily for our bow welding hero, he has his friends to fashion a make shift base of operations outside of Seattle in the trees. . .Hey why not!  Ollie is basically penniless and Emiko is still MIA.  Public sentiment, as reflected in present time, is divergent with many seeing a vigilante and others seeing a hero.  This issue has some not so hidden analogues, but they don’t seem forced and Percy doesn’t break our backs with the references.  In fact, they truly mimic the real world turmoil many are facing.  The issue of police brutality is another chance to go to far, but Percy navigates the scripting perfectly, giving Green Arrow the line reassure readers he is not “cop hunting” only dirty cop hunting!


I had some trepidation when I spied the cover (*below) in my stack but the interiors of the issue were so damn good.  I especially appreciate the art and colors by Otto Schmidt in the larger scenes in the forest.  The detail to those Green Arrow interacts closely with is also pleasant to behold.


screenshot_275 screenshot_276

Given this is the beginning of a new story arc, it is a perfect time to join the Emerald Archer and Black Canary as they attempt to clear Ollie’s name and reclaim his company.  Considering the final few pages, this is going to be an increasingly difficult task.

Solid 4.4 out of 5 Emerald Broadheads!

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art and Colors by: Otto Schmidt
Lettering: Nate Piekos

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