REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #3

Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion #3

Written by Tom Taylor, art by Ethan Van Sciver, published by DC

I used to love Green Lantern, and the corps. I even found new appreciation for the film more after seeing Man of Steel. I just sort of, fell out with it when I found I had no money to buy comics, by the time I had some disposable income I found Green Lantern had become disposable to.

Not much has changed. The comic opens with a one page flashback to fill out the infinitely more interesting Green Lantern Iolande then it cuts to something about the rest of Corps being stuck in another universe.

The dialogue labours every point and the story seems to drag even through the action scenes. There’s no tension despite the circumstances, which warrant at least one squeaky bum moment. All the characters are angry action heroes from the eighties, a side effect from everyone being effectively fearless I suppose.

The art is all design and little else. All the characters are beautifully dressed mannequins and the panel layouts get very inventive for no real reason.

It’s all a load of un-relatable space opera that never seems to hit the high notes. Looks good when it’s not a mess and reads well when there’s only two characters on a page.

Bother if you really really like Green Lantern but it certainly doesn’t scratch my nostalgia itch.

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