REVIEW: Green Lanterns #10

Well, hush my face. I liked this. If I recall I think I liked the last one too, but that was about the origin of the villain, this one involves two characters I’ve never given a flying poop about. This comic on the other hand takes steps towards making that poop land safely.

The two Lanterns, Baz and Cruz try to figure out what’s going on with the Phantom ring, villain steps in, there’s a house fire and the pair of them have some introspection that goes hand in hand with the situation and the action and characterization never trip each other up, it’s quite refreshing.

The two Lanterns actually have good chemistry, which I think goes part way to showing they aren’t handled too well in other books. The Phantom ring itself is really an interesting concept and for the first time in a long time I’m genuinely curious about the Green Lanternverse.

The art is also a lot of fun in places, though I’m still not convinced by the GL costume designs they just don’t feel very individual or distinct. Oh, and there are shoulder pads in here be warned, DC can’t quite leave the nineties alone can they.

So yeah Green Lanterns, very grounded characters doing very cosmic poop, that flies well.

Written by Sam Humphries, art by Eduardo Pansica, published by DC

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