REVIEW: Green Lanterns #6

If by some sad mental proclivity you keep up with my reviews you will know I have been a nearly singular voice of hope on the Green Lanterns title.  I have taken some lumps from those more skilled than myself over a slightly more favorable view of the new protectors of Sector 2814.  The final issue of the Red Dawn, Red Planet, or Rage Planet arc may bring a few more to this title.

The issue begins with Simon literally face to face with Atrocitus and Jessica continuing to let her anxiety keep her in hiding.  Much to my surprise and delight Jessica shocks with her first construct!  The seemingly endless pages of self-help dialogue has finally paid off!  THANK YOU!!!!!


This rather simple flower like construct grows to topple the Hell Tower with zero opposition from the Red Lanterns.  The Red Lanterns leave earth, actually they leave the entire Solar System and our heroes chalk up a “win.”  We astute readers realize, without the provided dialogue, the Rage Seed is growing deep in the earth to provide a new threat for Simon and Jessica.


We get a nice page of Simon not being his usual ass-hat self and then the two go about freeing Jessica’s sister and visiting Simon’s nephew.  Rami, the rogue Guardian seems rather pissed off when he sees the two Lanterns instead of Hal but still gives us a glimpse at the fabled Phantom Ring.  The concluding pages with Bleez and Atrocitus offer an additional plot line for the next arc, which although a predictable trope, could be interesting.


The improved relations between Jessica and Simon give me renewed hope for the Lanterns title.  Gone is the constant bickering and I have less disdain for Simon.  I can’t say Jessica “earned” her first construct as it seemed to come out of nowhere, but I am happier for it and hopefully we will be rewarded in the next arc.  I finally can say I am happy I didn’t drop this title.

Story by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Will Conrad, Jack Herbert, Blond, Dave Sharpe


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