REVIEW: Green Lanterns #9

Years ago I was mad keen on Green Lantern. It was epic space wackiness with brilliant characters and a cool gimmick. Then it all seemed to go mental with cool ideas badly handled. I like to dip my toe in now and then though, just to see if the emerald glow is the wonder of a power ring or too much Mountain Dew in a puddle of piss.

This surprised me then as being quite a compelling origin story for what I assume is a new villain, there’s also the introduction of something cool and still some of the titular characters thrown in to keep it green and lanterny.

The pacing is excellent and you really feel for the lead character, Laminski as he spirals into obsession and delusion as he never seems to quite understand what he’s doing wrong. It makes him a fairly compelling character with lots of potential to be a classic.

The art suffers a little from nineties syndrome but at no point is it Liefeldian. It holds together well and keeps the storytelling interesting and varied.

So yeah, bit of a pleasant surprise, hope Humphries can keep up the pace.

(W) Sam Humphries (CA) Joe Prado (A/CA) Robson Rocha

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