REVIEW: Green Lanterns Rebirth #1

Written by Robert Venditti, art by Ethan Van Sciver, published by DC Comics.

So this isn’t to be confused with Green Lantern Rebirth from years ago, that was good.

That was a bit mean, this is actually not too bad, the big problem is it feels like a giant recap (oh the irony) and prologue to the up coming Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp series, which in fairness I’m looking forward to off the back of this.

The atmosphere is thicker than Mercury’s and the setup for the series is pretty strong, despite not a lot really happening. It really does just do what it says on the tin. I’m a bit torn between wanting this to be the first issue of the new series, because this kind of issue is really just a money-grubbing load of bobbins and then being quite glad they’ve got it out the way so they can dive into the new run head first. The writing isn’t clumsy but it shows that Venditti loves Sinestro as he comes across a bit like the Emperor but pining for a challenge.

This is the best I’ve seen Sciver’s art as well, it’s not as fussy and eager to please as it used to be and seems happier portraying an epic prologue with simpler compositions and panel layouts allowing some of his wonderful detail to shine a bit better.

If you are a Green Lantern fan or like me a lapsed Green Lantern fan, especially wishing for some simple Half Jordan action then you’ll get this anyway. If you are curious, try it, it might just be the oomph you need to get you hooked. Still unsure about the one shot thing though.

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