REVIEW: Green Valley #3

   Green Valley has been a series that I’ve been watching very closely from its announcement. Something new and different was promised. But from the first couple issues it has seemed like a cut-and-dry fantasy story. Thankfully this issue brings in a wholly new element. Breathing fresh life into a series that has seem to have great potential, with an amazing writer Max Landis and one of my personal favorite artists, Giuseppe Camuncoli.
       This issue starts off with the clan headed towards a town being tortured by black magic. Led by a boy who sought the help of heroes. These heroes are not really believing that there’s going to be a magical element at all. Then they arrive and things change, when they finally make it to the town. We see the Wizard is actually a man from the future with the tablet that he uses to torment the village. Without giving too many spoilers, people die. And it looks like we are going to get dinosaurs.
       Giuseppe Camuncoli brings a wonderful style to every panel. His style just goes so well with this fantasy story. I love it. Now, there isn’t a huge amount of motion to every panel, but there is a whole lot of emotion. For a story that feels like it’s going to stay emotional for the long haul, this is a very good thing. I cannot wait to see what this style brings when the dinosaurs come in.
       So overall this issue may have made itself the best of the series yet. Having great amounts of build up and pay off. Answering burning questions while raising brand new ones. For me this issue delivered a lot of what I’ve been hoping to get out of this series and that is something new. Something that isn’t in most other comics currently on the shelves. This issue is a great jumping on point and you might just be compelled to get the first two issues as well.  4/5
Story: Max Landis
Art / Cover: Cliff Rathburn, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jean-Francois Beaulieu
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