REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales #113

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Andrea Meloni (CA) Alfredo Reyes

Summer break is over and its back to Arcane Acre for our group of mystics, wizards an other such supernatural folk.  The start of the new term is made harder, for the returning classmates, by the absence of those that perished last issue.  However things are looking up with the arrival of new kid on the block, Lance du Luc.  Introductions and possible love interests made, its onto class, during which a vision causes #Shadow Girl concern, a vision that is shared by others later on.

So, new term and new arc.  Grimm has been going on quite a while now and the setting of a school allows for the growth of the characters as well as fitting story arcs into nice little time frames.  Written by Pat Shand, the plot doesn’t forget what happened last issue.  Using this as the anchor point, means that Shand has an accessible way into the fears and angst of the classmates.  The script also show this familiarity which reminds me of either Claremonts’ early X-Men books, Buffy or Harry Potter.  I can’t quite make up my mind.  It’s probably a bit of all of them to be honest, which would go some way to explaining this books popularity.

David Lorenzo Riveiro is on artwork and does a good job.  The cast of teenagers are distinguishable from each other, which can be a problem in an ensemble book.  As it is, there is a certain style to proceedings, especially when it comes to facial expressions, which gives proceedings an air of realism given that emotions are still running high from last issue.

This is one of those books that sits within the consistent envelope.  Very rarely does it disappoint or wow me. It just is. That might be the aim, to have a consistent book whilst the quality in the various mini series can vary.  If that’s the case, then goal achieved.

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