REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales #114

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Andrea Meloni (CA) Pasquale Qualano
So, don’t you just hate when the guy you have been hanging out with wants to misuse your magical powers to control the dead and in an effort to convince you to do his bidding, he ties you to a coffin?

This is just one element of the latest Grimm issue from Zenescope, which for the most part, is an origin story for yet another waif and stray heading to Arcane Acre.  Acting as the “B” plot, we also have the odd visions permeating the school, which helps to bring some of the classmates closer together.

Writer Pat Shand continues his ongoing story, weaving  the characters together from the brink of separation, witnessed last issue.  Shand’s style may be a tad formulaic, but he covers the relevant bases along the way.  Shand is the type of writer that seems to be going out of fashion.  With such a long running book, he is trying to create an over-arching affair, with set pieces along the way,  rather than the slew of writers who create mini event after mini event with no seemingly connecting under current.  As such, this book reminds me of Chris Claremont’s early X-Men run, which I have mentioned before.

David Lorenzo Riverio returns for another run at the Grimm stable.  After providing art for a number of Grimm books, it is clear that he has found his swing.  The book shows a number of visual inflections and nods to other styles, but Riverio manages to coalesce the parts into a great whole.  Grimm books do have a “house” style and I would like to see Riverio strike out a little more, to demonstrate his own style to greater effect.  The next issue blurb at the back of the book states that Riverio is not around next issue.  I hope that means that Zenescope has him working on another book.  As with all the Grimm books, you can not fault the quality of the production.  This is part due to the fantastic work of colourists like Erick Arciniega who in this issue,  manages to  imbue the art with a sense of the magics involved.

Originally, I kind of dismissed this long running Grimm book, preferring its one shot/mini series brethren.  I am glad to say that Shand is winning me over.  This may not be a world changing book, but the writing is enjoyable and the art is nice to look at.  Surely everyone has space in their reading for a book like that?


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