REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales #119

(W) Patrick Shand (A) Miguel Mendonca (CA) Mike Krome

The school that has more persistent pupil problems than Harry Potter and Beverly Hills 90210 put together is back for another semesters worth of future prognostications and veiled threats.

As another term time starts so does yet another new pupil. Of course, as this is Grimm, there are still a couple of problems that need resolving from the previous arc and subsequent not quite tie-ins. The fact that this is part of an ongoing mythology, does bring its own set of problems, lest of which how many Grimm books can you afford to purchase?

Maka, not content with causing all sorts of destruction to Arcane Acre, is still up to no good despite the fact that Shang has her imprisoned and seems to be failing in successfully interrogating her. As luck, or coincidence, would have it the new student may seem to be able to help.

Pat Shand is on hand for the story and the script, teasing future plot elements whilst still engaging in the dangling threads. It’s a well worked approach that Shand has done well with previously. However, after reading quite a few issues, the “bring the girl who brought you approach” may be in need of revision. Still Shand is departing the book after #125, so readers may well enjoy what may be his last hurrah within this universe.

Christopher Johnson provides the art work, both pencils and inks and does a fine job at filling the book with the same sort of style that you would expect to find in this book. It has been a while since I spent time at Arcane Acre, surprisingly back in #114, yet I am a tad disappointed that the interior art hasn’t changed that much. The house style look of this book may be as tried and tested as Shand’s writing, but surely a different approach may garner new fans for the long running series or at least, help long-term readers appreciate what they have had so far.

Despite the familiar, almost retreading of certain key points and story beats, the book does remain a somewhat enjoyable read. The fact the series has run so long, shows that there is a fan-base for this book and the various characters that call the school a home. I am hoping that Shand is building to a big conclusion with which to bow out.

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