REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales #3

Skye Mathers, the new Guardian of the Nexus, is drawn to Kathmandu along with her mentor Shang on a quest to understand who is collecting the power of the Last of the Genies and why.

Upon reaching their destination, things get a tad worse before help is located in form of Samantha and together the pair try to complete their mission.

Written by Grimm Universe co-creator Joe Brusha, this book is sowing the seeds for future issues.  With all this world planning it seems that Brusha takes a couple of short cuts that does damage the story.  Firstly, there is the “I have arranged for Shang to be sent back to Arcane Arts” screams convenience and secondly there is his barely explained return.  These elements serve to distract the reader from what, up to  that point at least, had been a solid story.  The trick for Brusha in this series is that despite the likability of  Skye, having her dragged from pillar to post may get tiresome.  Hopefully, we sill start to see some of her classmates from Arcane Arts to add a little weight to her adventures.

The pencils are provided by Ediano Silva who seems to excel art crowd scenes and drawing genies.  A strange mix to be sure, but well used in the Grimm Universe.  The figure work looks solid but I feel would look better with a different inker as Leonardo Paciarotti, who supplies the colors also, seems to have a heavy brush  that detracts from the line work of Silva and as such doesn’t allow the art to breathe.  It’s a shame as this book could look great.

The flaws in the writing and the ink/colors seems to give the idea that book is somehow rushed and a collection uncompleted ideas.  True, with a focus on threats that will bear fruit down the line,  the story is gong to feel unfinished.  Still, with just a little bit more attention to details, this book could’ve been so much better.

Writing – 3 Stars
Art -3 Stars
Ink/Colors – 2.5 Stars

(W) Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco (CA) Allan Otero
Publisher: Zenescope


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