REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales Apocalypse #2

One thing I have to comment on before I get to the squish and smoosh of Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #2 is that I really wish the cover was different. By different I mean better, but I’ll get to that in a sec. First impressions, boys and girls, are important.

I feel that this franchise has had some good hits and good misses throughout the years, but this being a mini series, I do have to say that the premise is interesting. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming, and it’s up to a bunch of fantastical characters to stop them. Now the idea behind the series isn’t exactly a wild concept; we’ve all seen the Four Horsemen done before. But it’s the actual creatures that go to battle with them who really captured my attention.

I am a huge fan of fantasy because it’s endless, and only stops when your imagination does. There’s your weekly quote, kids, now go be astronauts or something. But really, having people like Robyn Hood be not only gender swapped, but fleshed out as a slightly scarred and kick ass fighter is an idea I love. There’s Hades and his daughter, Angelica, who I think is my favorite character. Maybe that shows a bit of my ego, because we have the same haircut and could perhaps maybe possibly look-alike. There is a trio of witches, one of whom is in a wheelchair and married to one of the other witches. So obviously, there is a vast array of representation in this book, which I love. Like Britney would say, gimme more. No shame!

J.G. Miranda really goes above and beyond with the illustrations, and I really admire the way the characters are drawn to be so different and so expressive. There is motion, feeling, and overall great artwork. Hedwin Zaldivar colors the first half of the book, while Ceci de la Cruz does the second half. I really could not tell the difference as both artist use the entire spectrum of color to their advantage, and it really wraps up the illustrations beautifully.

But of course, having so many different personalities and, well, species can make things get a little complicated. Luckily I did not lose track of what was happening and Pat Shand’s writing was clear and precise. This is definitely a mini series I will have to keep my claws on because I am thoroughly enjoying it so far!

Writing: 4 stars
Artwork: 5 stars
Colors: 5 stars
Cover: 3 stars

Written by Pat Shand
Art by J. G. Miranda
Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar & Ceci de la Cruz
Letters by Taylor Esposito

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