REVIEW: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Coven #2 of 5

Written by Zach Calig, art by Diego Galindo, published by Zenescope

See, a recap! Bunch of Witches Vs. Crusaders who double as Witch Hunters, Outfits by Assassins Creed, they look good though.

There’s a captive ‘chosen one’, a scantily clad Baba Yaga trying to rescue aforementioned ‘chosen one’ and none of the other witches like her, probably because she looks better in her outfit. There’s some really good characterization, which includes one of the Crusaders whom I really wanted to give a hearty slap.

Wanting to slap a character is a good sign, it means Zach Calig has done his job well. While the story isn’t going to shake the industry it’s solid, entertaining and really well paced and at the risk of sounding like a broken record the characters are what make it all work. The contemporary setting never feels like a generic superhero backdrop and I found myself genuinely interested to find out which side Baba Yaga’s on.

The art; while the design isn’t the most inspired and the faces could be a little more varied, it’s solid and cool enough. The witches are clad in figure enhancing clobber but it’s done tastefully enough to frustrate a greasy fanboy who can’t crack the child protection on their mums WiFi. Diego Galindo’s Baba Yaga for example makes Mike Mignola’s Baba Yaga feel like going on a diet.

It’s a solid enough read from a company I’ve not heard of and deserves a bit more attention.

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