REVIEW: Grimm Tales of Terror #2

Grimm Tales of Terror #2
Story by Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha
Written by Anne Toole
Art by Alexandre Nascimento
Colours by Marco Lesko
Letters by Fabio Amelia

Let’s judge this book by its cover… It’s the original walking dead, The Mummy. Artwork is great. Colours and tones make it quite creepy.

In the 20’s what do you do on an archaeological dig when you find a tomb without a mummy? Why, you make one out of your friend of course. Sometimes being smart isn’t a good thing, when Monte recreates the exact ritual to mummify a body he gets more then he bargained for when his friend returns for revenge.

What a fun book. It’s a trope yes, but it’s done very well here. The art is great and he pacing is on point. The final panel did make me chuckle, but then I have a twisted sense if humour.

This one gets 4 stars for the sheer enjoyment factor.

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