Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #8

When a slumber party turns deadly and a simple game of “light as a feather, stiff as a board” opens the door between our world and the next four friends are faced with a terror they’re not all going to survive.

When rising YouTube star Allie and her friends plan a slumber party to brainstorm ideas to help them get more online followers and subscribers to their channels they decide on the supernatural, believing it to be fake and just something to pull in the likes they play a little game of “light as a feather, stiff as a board” to disprove its effects, but when one of the girls is lifted with ease in to the air the girl is not alone when she returns to the ground. Now something else the girl wants one thing, to show her friends how it feels to be “reborn” just like her.

A stand lone story that does well with the 22 pages to deliver a well-rounded and full story that packs a punch and is very much a sign of the times we live it. As with all horror based comics you’re not going to get a jump scare but you can get goosebumps, chills and creeped out. With a story this well written it’s a shame the ending was so obvious, but that said it takes nothing away from the message that hits hard and feels real.

The art is just ok, with best artwork saved for the covers, which makes sense as that’s the draw on the shelves.

I’m a huge Horror fan and this worked for me on multiple levels so I would definitely recommend it. Actually I’d recommended this whole run as the next issue looks equally interesting as this one.

4 stars for a great idea and well executed story.

Written by Pat Shand
Art by Alessandro Miracolo
Colours by Marco Lasko
Letters by Fabio Amelia
Published by Zenescope
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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