REVIEW: Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 2 #7

This series of one-off stories that contain a killer twist continues through its second volume.  All though at this point the twist and turns feel more like minor detours.

Carmine is a lucky guy.  Sure he’s been to jail, but his gorgeous girlfriend stood by him and waited patiently for his release.  Once released the love birds plan to get married, until Carmine’s violent past seeks to potentially ruin things as he seeks to protect Alexandra from the Briefcase Killer.

Written by Pat Shand and Ralph Tedesco, the book meanders along, with the setup following a well-worn path in its attempt to play with your presumptions.  With the pair focusing on groundwork, it’s hard to understand Carmine’s choices in this story.  As mentioned he has been in prison, yet after just getting out, why run the risk of potentially returning their post haste?  Reading the book, it’s clear that all Shand and Tedesco really worry about is the twist, moving people around as and when to fit the needs rather than let the story organically take shape.

Art is provided by Marion Del Pennino whose work whilst not the most dramatic does fit the bill for story.  Emotions are catered for in the most part, with figure work coming across a little flat in places. Del Pennino also provides his inks, but maybe an inker would help give his work more distinction.  The color scheme by Robby Bevard also match whelemed feeling of the book.

In the past, I have harboured a soft spot for tales of Terror and of Pat Shand’s work.  I am not sure if my current sense of discontent is due to either of the writers or that fact that unfortunately, repetition has demeaned the shock value in books like this.

Writing – 2.5 Stars
Art – 2.5 Stars
Colors – 3 Stars

(W) Ralph Tedesco & Various
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