REVIEW: Grizzly Shark #1

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Simple cover that does what it says on the tin. Not much detail but then it’s just a tree and some bushes with a sharks fin.

So yeah it’s a shark in the woods. A shark…. In the woods. It had no legs it’s a shark…. In the woods. Swimming throw the air???
I think it’s meant to be funny but it’s not. It’s not cleaver or creative or even entertaining. It feels like it’s written by a 4 year old, not that the idea came from a 4 year old then Some writers made it funny and smart but actually written by a 4 year old with one character even calling another a “doo-doo head”. This really doesn’t work, i mean it doesn’t sound like it should work but then You think oh maybe it’s one of those super stupid titles that works because it doesn’t work, but nope. It simply doesn’t work. Maybe the writter was high or maybe it was take your child to work day and no one noticed this slipped in with the real comics. But dear lord this was 32 pages of wasted time. I was waiting for a joke or a hook or maybe even a big finish but nothing. The art doesn’t even save it as cute as it is.

Stay clear if you’ve not all ready read this and if you have I’m setting up a support group for those of us that need help forgetting this ever happened.

This one gets 0 stars because I’ve had some single star books that look like a five compared to this.

0 Stars

Grizzly Shark #1
Story,art & letters by Ryan Ottley
Colours by Ivan Plascencia
Cover by Kelsey Shannon
Published by image
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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