REVIEW: Grizzly Shark #2 (of 3)

Ok so I thought maybe I was a little harsh on issue 1 (check out my review) and that I should give the second issue a go to see its any better…. It’s not. This review could be word for word my review for issue 1. With no sarcasm I ask how did this book get published? I don’t claim to be an expert on comedy or horror but I do know that this book is neither. There is nothing funny or scary about a shark swimming on land (see the movie Land Sharks for an example… Yes, that’s a real movie, the script is terrible at its attempts to be funny or clever.

Donnie was camping with his dad back in issue 1 when he had half his body eaten (lower half, though the top half would have been funnier) saved by JonBob, a large mentally challenged inbreed looking fella who killed the shark with his bare hands (not bear hands, again that would have been funnier) now the two are hitch hiking to get to a hospital when they’re picked up by a man and woman looking for the Shark, rather than take this half a body boy and half a brain man to safety they head out looking for the shark. Hilarity ensues… No, of course not really, Donnie and JonBob then fall for their new companion a female doctor and find a baby and start a family… I really don’t know what the writer was doing, maybe by the time this issue was being written the meth had worn off and they were left with the scrunched up fast food napkins with “comic ideas” scrawled in feces on them and submitted this piece of shit. Unless its self published I’m lost as to how this exists.

Only compliment I can give is that the art is playful and cute but wasted on this story.

No stars again for this one and I’m not reading issue three because it’s land shark vs sea bear…. You can’t see me right now but I’m palming my forehead and shaking my head.

0 Stars

(W/A/CA) Ryan Ottley

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