REVIEW: Grizzly Shark Vs. Sea Bear #3

You know when you see a concept, it’s been done before but you can’t resist the lure of something that could either be as funny as watching someone pick up a drink you laced with laxative or as funny as realizing they swapped glasses, ten minutes later. Well, they didn’t swap the glass.

A collection of rednecks fighting off a herd of sharks that have somehow learned to survive on land get help from a bear that lives in water. It’s goofy, stuffed full of twisted humour and as messy as a lesbian orgy during the menstrual cycle. The rednecks are all sharply defined and the humour doesn’t rely on the silliness of the concept either, this is not the four colour equivalent of sharknado. It reminded me of The Walking Dead, the characters in that create the drama BECAUSE of the circumstances, it’s the same with this and the humour.

The art is nice and zany without sacrificing clarity. Too often you see an artist cram in so many site gags into a comedy comic it can be a chore to read especially when there’s a fast pace, which there is in this one. With all comedy, timing is everything and Ryan gets some well thought out panel layouts into this to allow for plenty of gory giggles.

I’ll be picking the rest of this series up even though this was the last issue as I’m pretty confident I’ll have as better time than drinking laxatives at a lesbian orgy.

(W/A/CA) Ryan Ottley
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