Writer: Katie Cook
Artist: Katie Cook
Cover Artist: Katie Cook
Colorist: Kevin Minor 

Remember when  everyday, you were greeted by a new Calvin and Hobbes strip? The joy of looking at the world through Calvin’s eyes or with Hobbes patience?

Katie Cook helps bring back those feelings and more with this volume of her Gronk series. Sure there’s no hyperactivity and no “inside” joke about Hobbes being alive. Instead we get the world as seen from an ostracized monster who loves his kitty and finding a true family.

This book is not my usual read; I was impressed at the time I read it, but had to re-read it just confirm my thoughts. I am glad to say the book only gets better on a second read.

Art wise everything is quite simple, yet it’s this simplicity that allows for greater depth when visual humour is used.  Gronk’s reaction to being licked, the upside book when going boom boom, to the reaction of the pets that also inhabit Gronk’s family shows some great observational moments.

Story wise, the volume is a collection of strips, as such there is no over reaching arc. It is simple, it is heart warming and most of all it put a smile on my face after every page.

As this is a collected volume, there is history of sorts showing the evolution of all the characters. Sometimes this doesn’t work as it can distill the magic, like a magician showing you how the trick works. In this case it just adds to the charm of character.

Whether you are reading this book for yourself, or with a younger member of your family, there is enough throughout to engage any reader.

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