Review: Grrrl Scouts Magic Socks #3

The magic socks have a new owner and it even looks like Josie has something that looks like a plan. If only she can figure out how the magic socks work before the aliens manage to get their hands… uh eye stalk… err intesticles (?) on them.

Confession time: I usually try to write my reviews at a PG level. This is a hard R comic. A delicious, wonderful, taste the colors, psyche eating art, R-rated comic (if there were such a thing). If your sensibilities get upset at the mild fucking profanities in the review stay the fuck away from this comic. If you love chaos, raw art, and a fun story, grab this book.

Looks like the aliens managed to save Gwen and Rita, but expect a lot more gratitude for their work than they receive. Will they hunt Josie down for the magic socks? Hell, yeah. Will they give them back to the aliens? I’m not sure that they even have feet.

In the meantime, fresh from killing Daphne, Josie zags where other would zig and goes on Freak City Tonight, a late night talk show with a coke head host and some cops. Turns out the cops had no love for Daphne and decide to let Josie hunt down the rest of the Grrl Scouts. I think the cop either had a ton of pot before the show or he isn’t that smart.

Jim Mahfood (Tank Girl) is clearly having shitloads of fun with this book and it is easy to get swept up in his action. His art is great in this book with crooked hand drawn panels that overlap and are filled with violent, neon colored action. Despite the chaos on the page, you never lose track of the action in this anarchist-graffiti style.

That is one of the keys to what makes this such a great book. It is clear that the wild style has a purpose. It mirrors the chaos of all the characters lives. Mahfood loves to make fun of comic book cliches and he hits all the points here using them ironically. Even up to the panel of girls loaded down with giant guns.

As much as it mocks the comics of the 80s and 90s, Mahfood clearly loves them too. You should pick this book up. If you aren’t reading it, get the first two issues of Grrl Scouts along with this one. You won’t regret it.

Writer and Art: Jim Mahfood
Colors and Letters: Justin Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

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