REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy #14

Now you see I hate reviewing stuff like this straight after the pan of fried turds that was Wacky Raceland because this is a good comic and now you get the fantards all coming at you with their label guns at the ready, well sue me if this isn’t worth your time.

Simple one-off story with Spider-Man, Skrulls and all the wackiness you’ve come to expect from Star Lord and co. The script is snappy and fast paced without feeling like it’s missed anything out. It does feel a bit filler’ish but you can forgive it because it’s probably going to get heavier a couple of issues down the line.

The art is tight and crisp though it could do with a bit of work in the action scenes, they are inventive but the over all composition falls a bit flat. Great facial expressions but look at who’s drawing them.

Over all if you had to pick up a comic about a collection of misfits zipping about in a futuristic setting, pick this one it’s better. COME AT ME SCUM!

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Kevin Maguire, published by Marvel

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