REVIEW: Gwenpool #15

Ah, Gwenpool. My guilty pleasure comic. Gwenpool who was a one Gwen Stacy in an alternative timeline who had nothing to do with Spiderman but was more obsessed with Deadpool. Hence the name Gwenpool. Funny but powerless she enters the Marvel world with all knowledge of it, secret identities and story lines. She like us, has read all about the Marvel universe through comic books, but after being actually transported there she decided to interact with the madness of it. After becoming the mercenary for hire Gwenpool begins her zany ride through the Marvel universe, characters and stories fully aware of the fourth wall as she smashes it like the Hulk would a brick wall.

In this current issue 15 we find Gwen up to more zany wild fun. In a sense shes us if we were magically placed in the Marvel universe. I mean wouldn’t you want to meet all your favorite characters and go on adventures with them? Well that’s Gwenpool. She’s currently rolling with the current Hawkeye aka Kate Bishop (who I love) as the mission of freeing her friend Cecil from being a ghost, who she is kinda of responsible for him dieing in the first place, takes a turn. This issue is packed with fun stuff. Magical dwarfs, magic crystals, car chases, and Ghost Rider! But as fun as Gwenpool is I always felt like the story is trying too hard to be good. They jam so much fun stuff into one issue that perhaps could have been drawn out over a few. So us readers can really get to know the story and characters. But in now classic Gwenpool style she’s pretty much a female Deadpool without a healing factor. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gwenpool but sometimes I want some substance to my stores, a little more meat on the bone. With Gwenpool you pretty much get lots of glitter and ponies. The art by Myisha Haynes is up and down with some panels very detailed and then some not so much. Still fun to follow but eh?

Random goodness with a stale side of potatoes would be the best way to describe Gwenpool. It delivers the goods but you do get served the same dish over and over again. If you like wild zany fun then this comic is for you. Don’t get me wrong if this comic was sitting on a table to read I would pick it up and have some laughs. It’s never short on that. Gwenpool is a total fangirl who I love and wouldn’t want her to change but it would be nice to see her in some other kind of situation other than wild impromptu rides. Which may be the angle of this book and I’m totally in the wrong here. Gwenpool gets three out of five stars.

(W) Christopher Hastings (A) Myisha Haynes (CA) Paulina Ganucheau

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