REVIEW: Hairbutt: The Original Hard Boiled Hippo

Written by Bodine Amerikah & Jason Paulos
Art by Jason Paulos
Published by Asylum Press

Anthropomorphic characters have been around for years. For every Buggs Bunny and Mickey Mouse you have Ren and Stimpy or Rocko and his modern life. Hairbutt is Australia’s entry into this crowded genre.

Created by co-written by Bodine Amerikah and illustrator Jason Paulos, Hairbutt is pretty much what you’d expect from this sort of book. There is a cast_20160126_063242 of characters with which to interact and cause problems, none so problematic as his own brother.  The world in which they all inhabit is the usual mix of oddness with a hint of reality that allows the humour to work.

If Amerikah and Paulos have a big plan in play for the hero, it’s lost somewhere in the middle of all the fat and butt jokes. Enough, I get it; he is a hippopotamus and hippos are big. In this collection of stories there are plenty of opportunities for these aspects to make an appearance. From a personal point of view, some of the low-power words, to highlight accent no doubt, is inconsistent throughout the book. Please, pick a style and stick with it!

In addition to a writer credit, Jason Paulos is also provides the pictures. For the most part, the style is the expected cartoony look but as you progress through the book, there are elements of caricature on show.

As funny books go, this is ok. Whilst certainly not covering new ground, if this type of book is your type of book, this may be your type of thing. As for me, this isn’t any I would choose to read,but that’s mainly because I am not a fan of the genre, rather than not a fan of Hairbutt.

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