REVIEW: Harley Quinn and Powergirl #6

Written by Justin Grey, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, art by oh forget it.

This comic was fucking shit!!! Harley Quinn does fuck all but “kooky” commentary to a space wedding between a disposable character and Power Girl’s tits, which despite not being front and center as in most comics that feature them, still somehow manage to creep in subtly around the edges of the “humour”.

I can only imagine the THREE (fuck me) writers must have had a working arrangement akin to the human centipede to have curled off a turd this rancid. The dialogue may as well have been “here’s a joke!” “here is another joke.” “bewbs!”

The art feels like it was produced under the lash, every smile looks like it’s at gun point and all the eyes have a weird haunted look, like they somehow know they’re trapped in this four colour horror story masquerading as a funny book.

What is this aimed at? It’s got nothing going for it. The title characters don’t seem to realize they’re in the same book, and there is NOTHING interesting going on except very pathetic attempts at humour.

While we’re at it DC stop trying to make Harley into Deadpool. She’s not, stop it, it looks pathetic.

At least I get some laughs out of a Liefeld, this? Straight to Dignitas.


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