REVIEW: Harley Quinn & Power Girl #3

G’day Space Cadets,

This is Dodgy86 back into the mix, bringing you another comic review of Harley Quinn & Power Girl # 3 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Stephane Roux, Moritat, Elliot Fenandez and Paul Mounts.

The Odd-Couple are back in space and in an odd-universe with odd-names and fighting an odd-enemy… phew!

Our titular characters along with their allies are attempting to reach the portal as their golden ticket back home to our world. Along their journey they stumble across a world of Vartox, then suddenly they are under attack from an army of enemy ships until their ship is shot down and crashes..

Unknowing the fate of his female crew, their ship captain Oreth Odeox goes into a state of mourning and in coping he has the feeling of being spaced out. When Harley and PG find him in his condition they also come along for the ride. Once the ride is over they slip back into reality and are startlingly in the path of the villainous Vartox himself!

The fun continues with the odd couple on their space adventure, Power Girl still the serious lead and Harley Quinn as the comic relief. This book is well written by the correlation of their creative team and as the story shifts themes the change of artists really does it justice, especially in the spaced out scenes which gives you the tripping feeling. And then we encounter Vartox.. what’s with his nipples?? Man this is wierd or what?

For Harley fans (and there’s a lot of you out there!) this is a fun read and thanks to Power Girl who keeps the sanity, Do ya’self a favor and check this out!!

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