REVIEW: Harrow County #22

Oh a “horror” title, go on then scare me.

Well it didn’t, the arts too cartoons for that BUT…it did tell the compelling story of a friendship falling about and really makes you feel it. The art isn’t scary BUT it is emotive, facial expressions, body language and composition all serve the story and the dialogue and script tighten up well so no point is laboured and you really get behind the characters.

There was the problem of not quite knowing what character to get behind of course, no recap. But the story was compelling and the whole thing works well. It’s one big flaw is that as a horror comic it isn’t very scary, it’s atmospheric, full of good concepts and executed perfectly…AND it could just be that I’m jaded when it comes to being scared…but it’s not scary.

Maybe other issues are, be good to find out.

Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Tyler Crook, published by Dark Horse

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