REVIEW: Hawkeye #5

Yaaay a comic to piss off the idiots!

Love Kate Bishop, love Jessica Jones, this is a dynamite comic, there’s even a recap. Just read the series if you’re not a sad hasn’t up for stupid costumes.

What more can you say? The plot is a missing persons case, there’s cool art, with neat design ideas for things the characters do. There’s a name for that, stuffed if I can think what it is but I’m padding this because, well what else do you say about a good comic?

You may argue I’m biased, but I would counter that with there’s a reason I’m biased, the comic is good. You may argue that I’m an “SJW” and only like it because it pander to my liberal sensibilities, but that’s not true, it’s just a good comic.

Did I mention it’s good? Final Rating: 4.8/5

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Michael Walsh (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco,Published by Marvel

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