REVIEW: Head Lopper #3

Let’s judge this book by its cover… This one has more action than the last two but its stylistic take is still spot on, the over the top animated look is fantastic with its simple use of colours.

So Norgal and Agatha are continuing their journey after being attacked by spirits and Giants last issue, this time it’s witches and gods they have to contend with if they can work together or even just get along for a single panel. The partnership between these two is the real star of this book, having slain the witch himself, or at least believing so Norgal now carries Agatha’s decapitated immortal head with him and the two argue none stop.

The over arching story of this four part tale is entertaining in its own right with plenty of plots to keep you going between the queen trying to save her kingdom and the bog witch trying to overthrow it and her minions with ideas for their own rise to power this is a must read. The great writing stands out with serious panels quickly evaporating into laugh out loud moments. The art in this is simple gorgeous, simple yet so stunning, bold colours make each page pop and keeps you lingering to check out each panel closely. This book is one of my favourites right now, I’ll be sad when it ends. For me this easily a 5 star book.

Head Lopper #3
Writer, artist by Andrew Maclean
Colours by Mike Spicer
Published by Image
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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