REVIEW: Hellblazer #3

I wonder if DC get a little niggle of annoyance knowing they can’t use “Hellraiser” because if they did it would go some way into paying them back for this shite. Yay! Let’s take all Constantine’s teeth out and stick him in the mainstream where he will float like a turd in a river of mediocrity till someone has the balls to make him say FUCK again.

This comic is shite. The first two pages made me jealous of people who don’t read comics, there’s no character just a pastiche of greatness gone by and most of the plot ignores Constantine for Swamp Thing.

The layouts are OK. That is literally the best thing I can say about the art. The anatomy may as well be stick figures, and while I like a thin line style I’m not entirely sure they didn’t accidentally print the draft instead because it looks flat, wooden and in some places bloody uncomfortable. The colour (seems to a thing with recent reviews) is also flat and makes the whole thing look really amateurish.

I’d rather watch the film.

0 Stars

Written by Simon Oliver
Art by Moritat
Published by DC

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