REVIEW: Hellboy in Hell #8 : The Hounds of Pluto Part 2

By Mike Mignola published by Dark Horse.

There’s a reason I like Hellboy, it’s not just an atmosphere that’s as thick as your average Fox News presenter or the unique art of Mignola but the simple fact that Hellboy as a character is cooler than Iron Man and Batman combined. Anyone says otherwise hasn’t read a Hellboy comic, and probably works for Fox News.

This one does what it says on the tin, HB is in Hell and trying to prove his innocence by fighting a giant dead cat.

The art is by Mignola himself and not a hand picked proxy, whom despite being excellent doesn’t quite carry the vintage like Mignola. Others would show a punch connecting, Mignola shows the space between the fist and the result of the punch. It’s hard to describe but it creates a moment of action at a point no one else can capture.

There’s a few pages of expository wandering which I found a little odd this many issues in, but hey, when you can hear Ron Perlman’s baritone caressing your earlobe when you read Hellboy’s dialogue you really don’t care.

There’s also no re-cap page, which would have cut the need for the exposition, but after a furtive glance at my feet in a clear indication that this annoys me, it’s Hellboy and I can cope with the hypocrisy. Fuck off.

This review is really just an excuse to gush over Mignola to be honest, don’t just buy this, buy everything with his name on it.

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