REVIEW: Hellraiser Anthology Vol.2

Hellraiser Anthology Vol. 2 is a collection of different stories in the Hellraiser universe. I have been a huge fan of the Hellraiser series since I first saw Clive Barker’s classic 1987 film. I fell in love with the series and watched many of the films in the series. Going into this volume of collected works from different authors and illustrators I was prepared to be disappointed, however I was happily surprised.

Clive Barker is the king of demonic horror. I was skeptical of anyone else being able to write the characters I’d come to love (and fear.) When I first started to read through this anthology I felt myself grow more and more excited to read the next page. Not having one storyline made it to where every page had a new adventure of misfortune and sorrow for the reader. No two stories felt the same and though you could feel they were all related It was good to still have mystery in the characters and the way of things working in the world. Though we were given more information about the ongoing of the residents of hell, we were still left in the dark as to why and how. This anthology built up the world of Hellraiser just enough to give you more pieces of evidence to build theories and speculate while not just flat out telling you how things work. It was brilliant.

While there are certainly stories that stay more true to the original work by being gruesome and terrifying, their are others that have a fantastically dark sense of humor about them. I found myself laughing out loud on multiple occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed the difference in art styles and entirely different vibes for each story. I give Hellraiser Anthology Volume 2, 5/5 stars.

The anthology consists of stories written by returning Hellraiser comic scribes Ben Meares, Christian Francis, Mark Alan Miller, David McKendry & Rebekah McKendry and Matt. Murray, as well as newcomers to the series Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler (The Dregs) and Ken Winkler.


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