REVIEW: Help Us! Great Warrior #6

Author/Artist: Madeleine Flores
Colorist: Trillian Gunn
Cover Artist: Lauren Jordan
Designer: Michelle Ankley
Editor: Shannon Watters
Publisher: Boom Box

Help Us! Great Warrior #6 follows the Great Warrior and her globular amorphous posse as they fall into the depths of Demonside, seeking a way to stop the tide of war led by Great Warrior’s own mother back up on the surface. After Voltron-ing themselves into a spider-eyed Incredible Hulk demon (with an adorable bow), they tear their way through the underworld until they reach the throne room, where Great Warrior learns that there is a way that she can stop her mother, but that it comes at a cost.

The storytelling in Help Us! Great Warrior is very simplistic, and would be, I feel, ideal for a younger audience (probably the goal). There really isn’t much to comment on. There’s nothing truly standout, but nothing to complain about either. The ending tugs at the heart-strings a bit, but for the most part, the comic is a fairly straightforward progression of events, without much development or intrigue. The characters are comical and lovable, though some of them appear very little in this issue.

The art in this comic is bright, poppy, and rounded softly. The color pallet, even for the underworld, is well balance and vibrant. The use of textures and shading is at an appropriate level to give detail and flair to the imagery without oversaturating its lighthearted tone. “Endearing” is the word that comes immediately to mind when looking at the designs and characters present in Help Us! Great Warrior.

I would definitely recommend this title to a younger audience, though it’s obviously best that they start from the beginning. People looking for bright, colorful, cute, bubble-gum-pop comics with a light storyline should also check this out. Anyone else, anyone who isn’t looking for just silly bright colors and cute characters, will probably find little to enjoy in this comic.

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