REVIEW: Hench Girl #1

(W/A/CA) Kristen Gudsnuk
Publisher: Scout Comics

Ever have one of those days, where work doesn’t go well, your friends start watching the DVD without and don’t even get started about the girdle!

Kristen Gudsnuk has created a super heroine spoof that manages to seem fresh even whilst it covers familiar ground. Throughout the book, our heroine is caught in a number of scenario’s including getting blown up, enjoying a human taxi ride and scaring the bejesus out of her friends.

henchgirlThe script has a sarcastic edge, which I like and the art is simple and effective, reminiscent of The Simpsons and manages to convey the humour of the situations she finds herself in.

This issue is a short book, and I would like to see a longer book, maybe made of a number of short stories which would help introduce more of Hench Girls supporting cast.

I enjoyed the book, but I am not sure if this is because the book is genuinely fun or that I caught it when I was in a cynical mood and as such appreciated some of the more acidic comments.  Re-reading hasn’t helped as the things I found funny are still funny but once you know the punch line, does it matter how good the set up is? Regardless, I am going to give the benefit of the doubt here.  I will be looking up the next issue to see how things fair for Henchgirl.

Check out the Henchgirl site here

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