REVIEW: Hero Initiative – Benefit Book

It’s not often that something comes along and makes me re-examine the world in which, as fans, we take so much for granted.  For a while now, I have been a Facebook friend with Norm Breyfogle, who talks emotively and candidly about his ongoing battle with chronic pain following a stroke. Most recently, the comic book world was shocked at the loss of the great Darwyn Cooke.

Hero Initiative is a fantastic cause, providing financial support for comic creators who are in need of support following bouts of illness and other causes of distress; in essence, helping the heroes behind our fictional heroes.

This benefit book is chock full of comic book talent, showcasing some of the biggest characters from the comic world.  The creators involved are a veritable who’s who;  Howard Chaykin, Bill Willingham, Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, Dave Sim, Kevin Eastman and Mike Grell, who also provides a touching introduction, all of whom contribute their time, their creativity and their creations in short story format.  In addition, there is a gallery section that has examples from cheesecake maestros J Scott. Campbell and Adam Hughes along with Matt Wagner and more Sam Keith.  So with all that, you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Despite the number of big name creators, there is a actually a bigger benefit for the reader.  The stories in this issue covers the whole gauntlet of comic styles and parodies, giving you a taster for the diversity that exists in the world of funny books.

This week, along with the massively hyped (and leaked), Rebirth #1, which offers to bring back “hope and optimism” to the DC Universe, this book provides actual hope, actual optimism to those when they really need it, when to paraphrase Jim McLaughlin(President of Hero Initiative), a “yes” is heard from the chorus of “no’s” that can make it harder for a creator to get back on their feet.

Try this book, be a Hero!

STORY BY Kurt Busiek, Howard Chaykin, Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth , John Layman , Dave Sim , Bill Willingham,Various
ART BY Kaare Andrews, Howard Chaykin, Kevin Eastman,Rob Guillory , Gene Ha , Sam Kieth , Dave Sim ,Ashley Wood, Various
COVER BY J. Scott Campbell


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