There can be only one…and four sequels, two of which are a spin-off a TV show that itself had a spin-off and then there’s the cartoon and I think there was a manga.

This does the smart thing of sacking that lot off though and concentrates on the history of Connor McCloud before the film, namely America 1955.

It’s not bad, especially if you like the film, and there is only one film…it adds to the mythology without breaking it and doesn’t go to any stupid places like the rest of the nonsense that followed it.

If it has faults it’s that the art is a little too static in the talking heads…no pun intended…scenes and there’s no attempt made to get Lambert’s likeness, which is surprising as I’m sure he’s snowed under with work.

All that being said it’s a good comic for a proper fan of THE film and might read better in a trade as I wanted a bit more sword action than I got.

(W) Brian Ruckley (A) Andrea Mutti (CA) Andrew Griffith

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