REVIEW: Hit 1957 #1 (of 4)

STORY BY: Bryce Carlson
ART BY: Vanesa R. Del Rey
COLORS BY: Nikos Guardia
LETTERS BY: Ed Dukeshire
COVER BY: Vanesa R. Del Rey
PUBLISHER: Boom! Studios
RELEASE DATE: Mar 25th, 2015

Back in 1957, crime still happened. As that’s the case, it’s a good thing we have Bryce Carlson here to chronicle such atrocities.

As we are back in 1957, there is an easy comparison to L.A. Confidential, with the flawed police, the moll used as bait for a gangster’s relief from boredom to the crime lords who run the show.  Even the dreaded internal affairs turn up. Due to the various cliches the world feels familiar. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a first issue you want to establish the cast and their role. This gives the writer the option of pulling the rug from under the readers feet.

Carlson writes in a style that had me hearing that sort of monologue, you hear in the old detective movies. It’s a charm that helps keep the era authentic. The reader is transported to either Los Angeles or Vega with ease and the cities feel as they should.

Vanesa R. Del Rey is on art duties and does a fantastic job. Her style is slightly reminiscent of Klaus Jansen in places, but has a more real feel which suits the used feel of these crime ridden cities. Along with Del Rey’s line work, the colours by Niko Guardia go along way to shaping the world, with panels being submerged in various shades of the same colour adding to the ambience.

I could go on to introduce a who’s who, but am going to leave that to you to discover and let you enjoy your journey into cops, crime and corruption.

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