REVIEW: Holliston: Friendship is Tragic

So before reading this comic, I will admit that I had no idea what Holliston was. The exceptionally long foreword from the creator, Adam Green, gave me some insight. Then more insight, then bad jokes, then insight, and at the end I realized I hadn’t really learned anything useful except for the fact that Holliston was a failed TV show and I could’ve just googled that.

The story is taken right from the show, or at least what parts of the show I managed to watch off of Youtube. It’s not that it’s difficult to obtain the videos from the show, it’s just such a terribly sitcom that’s overflowing with laugh track cheesiness and horrible jokes that I didn’t want to waste minutes of my life on it. Yeah, it’s pretty fucking bad, but a comic can be a chance to move an idea into a different sort of media and find success, right? Well, in this case: Hell no!

The story centers around the two main characters from the show, Joe and Adam, and the fact that they’re super sad that they’re broke and can’t throw a Halloween party…On Halloween. Why would you wake up on the day of, and then be sad that you’re broke? You couldn’t have just saved up some money and you know, planned ahead? Whatever, drink whenever these two whine about something and you’ll be shitfaced before the book is over.

Silly Dude Bro #2 wants to buy presents for his friends, which are really just Dude Bro #1 and his girlfriend, plus Stereotypical Pretty Blonde Girl. He’s sad because he didn’t PLAN AHEAD, and finds a prepaid card next to a dead black cat on the ground. So he guys to a mysterious shop and some super crazy stuff happens next, after the break!

The story is stupid. Like mind-numbingly stupid, but it does seem targeted solely at people who are either idiots or fans of the show. I feel those two circles may cross here and there, but whatever. I honestly feel bad for Greg Wright because it’s so obvious he was trying to write a comic exactly like the show it was based of off, and the show is terrible. Both are filled with bad jokes and idiotic attempts at merging horror with comedy, and absolutely nothing works. I’m very lucky I’m a fast reader because I wanted this monstrosity to be over and done with.

Stephen Shaar is responsible for the pencil and ink work, and the art really isn’t that bad. It’s simple and done in caricature style, and the artwork is really the only clear and polished thing about the book. Joshua Werner serves as colorist, and his work is clear, basic, and simple. Nothing to write home about, but I only write home about that fanciest of fancy things.

In short, I’m glad it’s over. It’s done with, I can put it behind me and never be haunted by this horrible book again.

Story: 1 Stars
Artwork:3 Stars
Colors: 4 Stars
Cover:3 Stars
Wtf: 5 Stars

Adam Green (series star, creator, writer, director), Joe Lynch (series star), Sarah Elbert (series star and producer), Sean Becker (series director), W. Axl the Cat (series star), Stephen Sharar (comic’s pencils and inks), Joshua Werner (comic’s colors, lettering, and design) and Travis McIntire (comic’s editor and Editor-In-Chief of Source Point Press)

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