REVIEW: Holy F*cked #4

By Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa, Published by Action Lab Danger

Your eyes roll when you see a title like this, “oh goody, a comedy that claims to push more envelopes than a postman” so you read it, Hercules fighting Jesus and a mech warrior while Satan is giving birth.

Then they roll back because it’s actually good. The art is both energetic and flat, basic but lively and the contrasts work giving an insane premise a clear-cut language that is surprisingly charming.

It’s quite funny to, especially the part where Satan voids his boils while giving birth, you actually feel sorry for him.

The characters all feel like they should be quite developed and rounded, but as it’s a climactic fight scene this is the end of their journey and as there’s no re-cap…sigh…and they don’t need anymore developing. Unless this is going on further, but up till now it all seems hunky dori.

Refreshing comedy in a slightly underground nineties style that doesn’t carry any of the baggage from then, by the little company that DOES.

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